Christian Rock and Roll Band from Aiken SC

Meet The Band



1398171_443122262458497_344277704_oSteve Cox and Chris Johnson met while serving on the praise team at church, they both had been writing songs separately but soon discovered that when they collaborated the songs became more than they ever would have been. For four and a half years they wrote and performed countless songs as response songs and simply songs that were being stored away for this moment, when they could develop them more and present them in a way that would reach more people for the Lord.

In 2011 they decided to start recording their songs. Bill Bentley, a longtime friend, fellow musician, and owner/operator of Vintage Music Store and Studios began to record and add his guitar, mandolin and various instruments to complete the sound. After the 3rd album “I’m Not Perfect” was complete, it was decided in order to play these songs live they needed a percussionist and a bass player. Kent Redd (a very talented singer and guitarist as well) offered to step in and become “Lame”. Ash Foreman, a very talented and dedicated percussionist, became LAME as well. He adds all the shaker, drums (and whatever sound required) to complete the live performance of the songs LAME has published so far. In late 2013 LAME began to put together material for their first cd as a full band. After several months of recording, editing, mixing, mastering and developing artwork, the new CD “LAME the Band”was complete. Check out a sample of a song from it on the home page.We most recently completed our 5th CD”5 + 1”, a CD with 6 songs and is half the price of the other CD’s. LAME is continuing to make new music, 5 new songs have been written and are being presented in upcoming LAME performances.

All of the songs are original songs, but the flavor and styles of music are so familiar you will feel like you have heard them before, the style or Genre is hard to characterize, but people have stated that we have a sound that falls somewhere between James Taylor, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and Gordon Lightfoot. Please come give us a listen and Decide for yourselves!

LAME  can reached by e-mail at or the contact page on this site.


All glory to God and our Lord Jesus Christ!

There are several who have been involved directly with helping LAME, in many different areas. If you are left off of  this list, it was, inadvertent .

Our wives and loved ones for their patience and tolerance and most importantly, their understanding of the ministry and passion for Gods message in song that has been put on our hearts

Ed Girardeau, who is a great friend and has supported us in numerous ways, we want to thank him here.

Artie Walker at “Four Kids Photography”, for taking most of our photos and making us look better than we really do….:)

Bill Bentley at Vintage Music Store/ Studios, without whom we would still be saving up to make the first cd. (Not to mention his guitar skills)

Frank Pira, @ Hulaloo, for designing a great functional website for the band.And for being a great friend.

Our friend from Texas who helped so generously, whose help is a true example of divine intervention.

Thanks to those out there who worship in song with us, pray for and with us, and who support the ministry by buying the songs .